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There are many different types of essential oils on the market, but they are not all created equal. For my family I just want what’s best for our health. That’s why I choose Young Living. Their oils are of the highest quality. Pure nature, without dodgy additives. The very best that is available, if you ask me.

Young Living manages the entire process from seed to the sealing of the bottles of oil, so that they can guarantee the high quality they want to deliver. I have visited three of their farms and distilleries to witness the growing of the plants and and the distillation proces myself . It’s awesome to see how the Young Living people all work with the utmost respect for nature and mankind.

The good stuff

The power of nature in a bottle. That’s what a Young Living essential oil is all about. The treasures of nature have been used by mankind for centuries. Nothing new. But Young Living makes it easy for you by putting all that goodness beautifully concentrated in handy bottles. And only the best of the best. Pure nature, without synthetic additives. Wonderful right? Read more about the effects of essential oils and how to use them for your health and happiness.

About me

It amazes me to notice how a few bottles of oil can make such a big difference in someone’s life. I was introduced to Young Living oils through a friend in 2015. My energy level was extremely low at that time. I was still recovering from colorectal cancer and the treatments I got and my low energy level seemed not to get any better. Always tired. Always on half power. I wanted to feel energetic, vitalized and free again. And that is exaclty what I have achieved. But not only that. Click below to read the rest of my/our story.

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Freedom and purpose!
To have that is a great feeling. And that’s exaclty what working with Young Living does for me. I share about the wonderful products and show people how to use essential oils and other healthy products from Young Living, so that anyone who wishes to make a switch to healthier products can use them properly to support their physical and emotional well-being. In addition, I coach others who want to do the same work as I do. Would you also like to work whenever and wherever you want? Making your own choices and totally manage your own agenda? These are two of the many advantages of working as an independent brand partner with Young Living. I love it! But there are many more advantages. For example, you also help others to be healthy and happy. And if you have children, you have the opportunity to build an income for your children (willable income!). Doesn’t matter where in the world you live. You can start your oil business everywhere. Click below for even more benefits.

…and life is getting better with every drop…

What others say about Oil up, Young Living and me:
As an oral health coach, I have been looking for a toothpaste that is healthy for both your mouth and your body.
For me, it is important that a product does not cause our hormonal system to get out of balance.
I met Marcia on Ibiza in the summer of 2017 and she told me about Young Living’s products. She also told me about the Thieves toothpaste, which she happened to have in her bag. After trying the toothpaste I loved it right away.
It is a fresh tasting toothpaste that does not foam too much and makes your teeth feel smooth after brushing. So this is the toothpaste that I have been using since then and that I also recommend to clients. It is an edible, natural toothpaste that does not disturb our body.
After I became enthusiastic about the toothpaste, I also started to use the oils and I love those very much as well.
Osca Bouma

Dental hygienist and health coach, Healthy-U

With some scepticism I bought the starter kit in mid-2017, but I’m so glad I made that purchase! I use the diffuser daily. Delicious combinations can be made. A combination for every mood. And always the oils do exactly what they should. Before going to bed  I use a drop of Lavender and I’m fast asleep. The most beautiful experience so far I have had on New Year’s Eve with my dog. She was a bit anxious because of all the fireworks. I let her smell a few oils. She chose StressAway and Orange. I added these oils to the diffuser and soon after that she was completely zen. So nice to be able to make her feel better with this natural remedy.
Jennie Gerritsen

A very happy oil user 🙂

I had never heard of essential oils until I met Marcia. Her stories made me curious and I started following her on Facebook. I got more and more excited by what the oil can do for you. Especially the fact that it is all natural appealed to me very much. I needed some time to finally decide to order my starter kit; I was afraid it would take a lot of time to get started and do the recipes etc. But I quickly learned from Marcia that most oils can also be used directly, without first using them in rollers, creams, waxes, etc. Now that I have my oils I’m so happy with them. I still don’t know all the many possibilities by a long shot, but I do know how to make roller bottles for general discomforts, how to mix some oils especially for my skin and what I need to use in my diffuser to feel good, get focused or to be able to sleep well. And finally, Marcia is great. She has a great deal of knowledge about the oils  and always reply’s quickly to any question. I am a happy customer!
Thirza Tamboer

Enthousiastic oil user and owner of, Your Yellow Marker

From the moment I started oiling my world has changed positively in many ways. Apart from the fact that it has brought me a lot of physical and emotional benefits, it offers me the possibility to generate an income despite the limitations I have due to Lyme disease. Gaining an income with doing something I really love! Wow!
Signy Esmeijer

Oil lover and independent distributor

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