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Dirk and I have been lovers since our high school graduation prom in 1994. We both went to Zwijssen College in Veghel.
We got married in 2002 en in 2010 we were blessed with a daughter, named Lieve.
We live in Veghel, The Netherlands, but we like to travel the world every chance we get. Bali & Ibiza are favorites, but also Thailand, Peru, USA, Sri Lanka, Italy, South-Arica are loved. And lots of other beautiful places are on our wish list!
And you know what more we like to do?
Enjoying the outdoors, sipping a drink on a terrace, delicious food, being creative, doing yoga, meditating and dancing.
Sinds september 2015 I’m an independent distributor for Young Living essential oils. You can find out how that happened in the story below. I’m also team leader for Team Oil up, that counts about 60 enthousiastic distributors and about 590 happy customers.

Dirk is a PE teacher on a bilingual secondary school and he’s also an official Wim Hof Method instructor. So every day he’s working to support the physical and mental health of his students and himself. Good stuff!
Besides that Dirk is a great chef. Every day he’s preparing a party on a plate for us. I know….I’m so blessed!

My story

A few years ago these mysterious colorful bottles appeared on the Facebook timeline of one of my friends. They immediately caught my eye and made me curious. So I started to browse around on the internet. I read all the success stories about the oils and there seemed to be an oil for everything. “Too good to be true,” was my first thought. So I let it pass me by.

Still, it kept popping up in the back of my head…

…and I kept getting drawn to these oils. For me it felt like ‘I need to do something with that’. My energy level was extremely low at that time because I was recovering from colorectal cancer. Radiation, surgery and chemo had were successful, but they also damaged my body in several ways. My body and my mind were worn out. I always felt tired, I did not sleep well and often said no to fun things because I simply didn’t have the energy. A friend of mine told me that there were several oils that could support me in my recovery. So that was definitely worth a try.

But that was not the only issue I needed the oils for. Our daughter is highly sensitive and therefore regularly feeling overwhelmed. I could also use an oil for her. And …there also seemed to be an oil that could be used by a snoring husband! Halleluja!
Beside that , we were planning a trip to Thailand and I wanted to make a healthier mosquito spray without DEET. And for that I needed oils too…

My husband and I were already on the path to a more natural lifestyle. Fresh fruits and vegetables, no processed food, natural care products, etc.

So I decided to go for it…

…and ordered the Young Living Premium Starter Kit and thought “Let’s just try and we’ll see where it goes”.

Oh my! Once that box came in the mail and I opened it…

Delicious! I was in love! I immediately noticed that the oils smell very pure and have absolutely no synthetic smell, which you sometimes smell with other less pure oils. I’ve used something similar before, but it just was not the real deal and gave me a headache by smelling it. And that is absolutely not the case with these Young Living oils. This is the good stuff! The real deal! Pure nature in a bottle!
I’ve used the diffuser every day since we’ve received it. In fact, we now have four of them in our house.
But diffusing is on the only thing we do with teh oils. We use the oils for all kinds of purposes. We use them on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level on a daily basis. But we also love the cleaning products without harmful ingredients in them, shampoo, facial care, toothpaste, etc.
Young Living goodness in every room of the house.
And now it is my mission to inspire as many people as possible to make healthier choices for themselves and their families.
Step by step.
Drop by drop.
That will make everyone happy. Sure thing!

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