Back to school! 7 Great tips for moms and dads.

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The alarm will go off early in the morning. Preparing lunch. Getting everybody out the door in time.
Finding out almost every pair of jeans is too short because your kid grew 2 inches in 6 weeks as it seems haha!

It’s time……Back to school and back to work.

For many kids the change of environment can be a bit overwhelming. Or a lot.
Especially the sensitive kids can have a hard time. The same goes for our sensitive daughter.
She’s anxious to go to her new class room and to her new teacher.  And to suddenly sit in a busy classroom with kids bouncing of the walls is also a challenge for her. She prefers to work in a quiet place.

Some children, on the other hand, have difficulty sitting still for a long time and focusing in class. Going from a lot of free time and outdoor playing during summer vacation to suddenly having to sit still and be quiet…Oh my! And what a huge task for the teacher to make sure these kids actually pay attention and  learn a thing or two.

I would like to give you a few tips to make the transition after the holiday a little smoother.

1. Confidence

There are several oils that can be used to support your kid’s self-confidence. The BELIEVE blend is a wonderful oil for instance.
Apply in the morning in the back of the neck and/or on the inside of the wrists. You might want to dilute the oil with some carrier oil for the smaller children. See directions.
Other options are VALOR, STRESS AWAY and JOY.
You can use them separately or you can mix them. Maybe you can let your child choose the oil intuitively. Kids tend to be very good at this.

2. High sensitive kids

From a relaxing holiday, back into the hustle and bustle of a classroom, a noisy playground or a crowded school cafeteria. It can be quite intense. Especially for highly sensitive children.
WHITE ANGELICA is a great oil to support your child with this. It keeps them protected from heavy or negative energy. But also FRANKINCENSE, THIEVES, GROUNDING or STRESS AWAY can be a good choice. Do you want to know how to use this oil and which oil is most suitable for you or your child? Please contact me.

3. Focus

For some kids is not a problem to keep their concentration in class, others are easily distracted by passing cars, talking classmates, etc.
To help them focus, you could make an inhaler with some LEMON AND PEPPERMINT, for example. Or use combination in the diffuser while studying.
GENEYUS is also a good choice. This blend has been specially formulated by Young Living for school-age children. A few drops on the wrists or in the neck before they go to school gives them just that little extra to stay focused in class.
CLARITY and BRAINPOWER can also be used to support focus and motivation.

4. Sleeping

In order to stay focused in class during the day and to have enough energy to play, it is important that they have enough sleep to refule. During summer vacation your kids might have had slight flexible bedtimes, but when school starts, the standard bed times start too.
Turn off all screens an hour before bedtime, dim the lights and create a peaceful and quiet atmosphere in your home. If you do that the body already gets into sleep mode and melatonin will be produced.
It is also a great idea to have a evening ritual for exactly the same reason.
In addition, you can incorporate an oil moment into the ritual. For example, turn on the diffuser 15 minutes before your child goes to sleep with a soothing oil or oil combination in it. Or make a roller bottle that your child can use under his/her feet every evening.
LAVENDER, STRESS AWAY and ORANGE are good choices, for example, but also GENTLE BABY, CEDARWOOD and PEACE&CALMING are recommended.
My personal favorite for night time is CEDARWOOD and our daughter likes SLEEPYIZE, GENTLE BABY or LAVENDER.

5. Lice

I always make a spray to keep lice at a distance and so far our daughter hasn’t had any trouble with it. Hurray!
Put 60ml of water in a spray bottle with 5 drops of TEA TREE and 5 drops of LAVENDER and spray lightly over your child’s hair before going to school.

Is it too late and does your child already have lice?
Take the following essential oils:
4 drops of Thyme
2 drops Lavender
2 drops Geranium
Mix the drops of essential oil with 2 tablespoons of carrier oil (example V-6). Dilute 50/50 with a natural shampoo and massage into the hair.
Cover with a shower cap and allow to soak in for at least half an hour.
Rinse the hair thoroughly.
To be sure, repeat this a few times in the next two weeks.

6. Peace and quiet in busy heads

Difficulty focussing or lack of motivation due to a busy mind? That can be very challenging. Below is a great mix of oils that can me used for more peace and quiet and more focus.
The basic mix for a relaxed mind consists of LAVENDER, CEDARWOOD and VETIVER.
10 drops Lavender
10 drops Cedarwood
10 drops Vetiver
30 drops of carrier oil such as V-6 oil or jojoba oil

This blend brings balance to the processing of stimuli. You can apply the mix in the back of the neck, behind the ears and/or under the big toes.
You can also use the same oils (without the carrier oil) in the diffuser. You then put 2 drops of each into the diffuser water.

For extra focus, you can add something to the base mix.
By adding the CLARITY blend to the base mix, you create a focus mix.
You then add 10 drops of Clarity and 10 drops of Carrying Oil to the base mix.

7. Immune support

Twenty or thirty kids in a class! Oh my…your child’s immune system is put to the test. A little extra support never hurts. Especially when it’s done the natural way. It’s is a good idea to use some THIEVES oil (diluted) on the soles of the feet every day. This oil has antibacterial and antiviral components. So it’s perfect for preventive use.
In addition, we drink NINGXIA RED in our household every day to support our entire body including our immune system. There are many other oils that are good for supporting the immune system such as LEMON, RC, PURIFICATION, IMMUPOWER, OREGANO, FRANKINCENSE.
Of course I can help you to make a choice. Or you can choose intuitively, then you usually make the right choice as well.

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