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“Smart moms Oil up”

Are you also a smart mom that does not want her family to be surrounded by toxic products? The first stap to toxic free living is often to get rid of junk food, but as soon as you start investigating your personal care products and cleaning products, you’ll be shocked to know what’s in them. It’s like watching a horror movie!
More and more women (and also men :-)) are more aware of what they buy. They’re checking the labels and try to make healthier choices for themselves and their family.
But….where to start?
What is actually healthy and what is not?
It’s a jungle of misleading advertising out there!

But it’s really easier than you think. If you register for the free e-course “Smart moms Oil up”, I’ll help you on your adventure to a less toxic home in a few easy steps.
This e-course starts on November 1st 2018. If you’re not able to attend on that date it’s not a problem. You can do the lessons in your own time at your own pace.

Not just for moms

This e-course is also very suitable for dads or people without kids ;-). Everyone can join.

Free 30 min. coaching session or information appointment

Would you like to have a one on one talk with me about Young Living and their products en what these products can do for your health and wellbeing?
You can book a free 30 minute coach call or information appointment with me. This can take place online, by telephone or in real life if you live close by. No strings attached. I promise I will not push you into buying something :-). That is not my style. So also if you only want information, you are welcome to make an appointment.

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