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Oil up consists of a fast growing group of lovely people. Some of them are merely enthusiastic oil users and others, like me, have also become independent distributors and share their love for Young Living products with others.

You can also be part of Oil up if you want to. This can be done by signing up with Young Living with my reference number or the reference number of one of our Oil up business members. Maybe you know someone else who is already affiliated with Oil up and then you use his/her reference number when you purchase your first oils. Some of our Oil up business members are introduced below.

Sign up and purchase Young Living products with a discount

When you decide to sign up with Young Living with the reference number of an Oil up business member, a whole new world opens up to you!
This is what you get beside the amazing oils:
• You’re personal sponsor, who will be available to you for help and advise.
• A welcome pack, so you can get started right away.
• Access to online events, offline events, closed Facebook groups and the possibility to connect to a member site.
• The possibility to start saving points to order free product (optional).
• The choice to order just once or to regularly place single orders or to automatically order monthly. It’s up to you! The monthly ordering is optional.
•AND…24% discount on all your orders, whether you buy once, some times or monthly doesn’t matter.

You just want to order oils and you don’t want to be an active distributor? That’s totally fine.
Nobody will ask you to sell anything. About 90% of all Oil up members are just enthousiastic oil users and do not distribute Young Living products.

But…maybe you’re with the 10% that does like to be actively involved in the distribution of Young Living products. If so, then I’d love to show you how!

Becoming an Oil up business member

If you decide to go for this, there’s a whole new world waiting for you :-)! This is what you’ll get from us:
• We’ll walk you through the steps on how to start, so you’ll be able to enjoy your journey to the fullest.
• Access to our business community op Facebook, where you can connect with other Oil up business members.
• Regular meetings (online or offline) with your sponsor, who can assist you in your Young Living journey if you want to.
• Total freedom in the way you want to run your business.
• Total freedom in the amount of time you want to invest in the adventure. It can be 2 hours per week or full-time. It’s up to you.
• Recognition for the work you do by receiving commissions and bonuses from Young Living.
Getting paid for something that you love. Isn’t that awesome?!

Call, DM or e-mail me, so I can explain everything to you and you can get startet right away in the pace that you choose.

Happy customers

Oil up business members

Variaty of products

Young Living Farms

What are the advantages of working as an independent distributor for Young Living?
Okay, you have to sit down for this ;-),
• You can work from wherever you want. From home or from a tropical island. As long as you’ve got wifi and a phone, tablet or laptop, you’re good to go.
• You’ll be assisted and guided by Team Oil up if you want to. If you’d rather figure it all out by yourself, that’s fine too.
• You decide how long and how often you work.
• You’re inspiring and helping others to live a healthy and happy life.
• You have the opportunity to gain a great income. See income disclosure below.
• You’ll have residual income. So even if you are on vacation for a month or when your ill, you’ll still receive your commissions.
• Do you have children? This is a great perk: the income you receive from Young Living is willable. Have you ever got a job where the pay goes on even after you die?
• You’ll have the opportunity to travel for free. Not just the flight is paid for, but also the hotel, the meals and tours are paid for by Young Living. If had the pleasure of going on a few free trips and they are awesome!
• FREEDOM! For me that’s the best thing. I feel free, because I can do whatever I want whenever I want. I’m my own boss. Love it!
How much am I going to earn?
That depend on a few things. To give you an idea you can check out Young Living’s income discloser below. There you’ll see what the income is for the several ranks. You can set your own goals. Will you aim for the highest rank and paycheck or are you aiming for just a few hundred bucks extra each month? It’s up to you.
Is it difficult?
No, it’s not difficult. Of course you’ll have to do the work. But I can teach you everything you need to know. Or your sponsor can teach you. We’re here to help you.
Do I need to invest a lot of money?
No, you don’t have to make large investments to become a business member. You can just start with buying a Premium Starter Kit for your own use. You will never be asked to invest in a big pile of product to start up your business. With just the Starter Kit oils and the diffuser you’re good to go. Of course it’s a good idea to buy some Young Living product every month for your own use, so you can get acquainted with the products. So every month you buy some from Young Living and every month you’ll receive the commissions for your efforts on your bank account.
It’s mostly time that you’ll invest. And it’s up to you how much time you want to invest.
Do I need a specific education?
No, you don’t need to. Being enthousiastic about the products and the will to learn and to take steps is much more important.
Kan I work from another country?
Sure! As long as you’ve got wifi, you’re good to go.

Meet my team

Ik stel hieronder graag een aantal van onze teamleden aan je voor.

Marcia Hamelijnck

Hoi, ik ben Marcia Hamelijnck, oprichtster van Oil up. Ik ben getrouwd met Dirk en samen hebben wij een dochter, Lieve van 7 jaar.
In juni 2015 zijn wij gestart met het inzetten van de oliën in ons gezin en inmiddels zijn we al goed gemarineerd ;-).
We zetten de oliën in op lichamelijk, emotioneel, mentaal en spiritueel gebied.
Maar het blijft niet alleen bij oliën. Ook de schoonmaakmiddelen en verzorgingsproducten zonder schadelijke stoffen van Young Living gebruiken wij dagelijks.
Nadat ik kanker heb gehad, zijn wij de dingen die we zoal aten en opsmeerden onder de loep gaan nemen. Bizar om te merken dat er zo veel troep zit in de dingen die we dagelijks tot ons nemen en aan onze kinderen geven.
Stap voor stap hebben wij ons eetpatroon en onze verzorging een make-over gegeven.
Geen pakjes en zakjes meer in de keuken, maar veel verse producten.
Geen reguliere verzorgings- en schoonmaakmiddelen meer, maar toxic-free varianten.
Het is mijn missie om zo veel mogelijk mensen te inspireren tot het maken van gezondere keuzes. Dit doe ik o.a. door hen te informeren over dit onderwerp en hen bekend te maken met the good stuff van Young Living, zodat ze goed geïnformeerd hun keuze kunnen maken.
Daarnaast ben ik teamleider van team Oil up! en begeleid ik anderen die hetzelfde werk doen of willen doen als ik.
Dit is veruit het leukste en meest waardevolle werk wat ik ooit gedaan heb en ik ben dus ook van plan om hier nog heel lang mee door te gaan.
Mijn favoriete olie: Peppermint!

Signy Esmeijer

Hi, my name is Signy, I’m 37 years old and I live in Harderwijk together with Jeffrey and our son Skip who is 5 years old. When I started using the oils my life has been transformed in a positive way on many levels. Besides the fact that the oils support me and my family on a physical and emotional level. It gave me an opportunity to gain an income despite the fact that I am limited because I have to work my way around the discomfort of Lyme disease. So now I can make my own money with something that is so much fun to do! It’s my mission to make the world a better and foremost a healthy place and to teach others how easy it is to do this. In my make & take classes I teach people how to make their own healthy personal care products which inspires them and that’s what gives me the energy to continue this mission. I’m working my way to financial independence with Young Living so I can open a farm with a horse shelter in the future.
My favorite oils are: Magnify your Purpose, Valor, Sacred Mountain, Clarity and Vetiver.

van de Koevering

I am Annemarieke van de Koevering, 43 years old, married with three daughters of 17-13-12 years old. Since September 2015 I use the oils. I wanted to support my children and make more use of natures treasures. By now I am not only helping my children with the oils but also a lot of other people.
The possibilities are endless!
It’s so amazing to be able to help someone and get great feedback!
Sometimes it’s a bit of a search for the right oil, but once you’ve found it, you’ll never go back to your old ways.

That’s what I like about the oil, they just do what they should! And it brings people together. I really enjoy helping people and go on a quest to find out what combination can support them the best. Also I’m stilI learning every day. I love it!



Mitty Muytjens

Hi, I’m Mitty.
I live in Den Bosch and I’m happily married to my sweet hubby. Blessed with three wonderful kids and since a few year I’m a fan of Young Living essential oils.
Every day I’m grateful that these oils have found our way to our lives.
I’m happy with my Starter Kit and very happy with al the great experiences we had after we started using the oils. I’ll never forget the first time I put the Peppermint bottle under my nose and I took a big sniff. Wow! Powerful stuff!!!

The oils have given me and my family a lot of relaxing moments and support in many many ways. The best experience was with my son. When he started using Lavender, StressAway, Franincense, Peppermint, Lemon,  and later on Clarity and Vetiver, his life became so much easier and calmer. This combination of oils helped him manage stress and chaos in his head and body. His focus and concentration improved and he had more peace and space is his head. He turned to his happy self again! The oils keep surprising me.

That is also the reason that I want to share the oils with love and passion with everyone I know and want to hear about it. What these little drops can do….

Mother Nature Rocks!

Anita Bal

Marijke Dickerscheid

Hallo, ik ben Marijke, 36 jaar, samen met mijn man Jasper hebben wij 3 kinderen. Bram 9 jaar en onze tweeling, Jasmijn en Tim van 6 jaar. Ik ben met de oliën in aanraking gekomen voor onze oudste. Hij heeft ADHD en is hooggevoelig. Sinds wij de oliën zijn gaan gebruiken is er veel veranderd in ons gezin. We zijn in ons huishouden bewuster geworden van alle middelen die we gebruiken en zo langzaam aan zijn de oliën niet meer weg te denken uit ons dagelijkse ritme. Veel producten hebben plaats gemaakt voor de mooie oliën. Ik ben bewuster met mezelf, mijn gezin en de natuur bezig.
Het zou zo mooi zijn als iedereen zich hier bewust van is of wordt. Ik zie het als uitdaging om mensen hier meer bewust van te maken.
Mijn favoriete oliën zijn: Frankincense, Cederwood, Vertiver, Peace&Calming II en Thieves

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