Yes! Give me oils.

Are you excited to get these little natural powerhouses of oils into your home?
I’m so glad you are! I know you’ll be so happy once you have them in your hands.
A good way to start is to purchase a Premium Starter Kit.
Twelve of the most popular oils are in this kit and also a lovely diffuser. Click the button below to order your kit right away.

•Make sure you keep the box next to “Wholesale member ” checked. That does not mean you’ll be obligated to order every month or that you need to sell anything. No worries! This means that you can buy everything with 24% discount. Why pay more if you don’t have to?
•Make sure my ID number 3074032 is filled in as sponsor and enroller. That means I’ll be your go to person for questions about the product or Young Living in general.
• Pick the Premium Starter Kit you like, fill in your details and you payment method and you’re all set. If you need help with your order, just give me a call or DM me.

Would you rather buy other products instead of a starter kit? Just let me, or your Oil up sponsor, know and we will help you with ordering so you will get the best prices. And we can also tell you how to receive extra freebies.


I’m not sure yet…

What if I don’t like them?
How do I use these oils?
Who’s going to help me when I don’t know which oil is for what?
What if they don’t work?

I can imagine you still have some doubts.
It took me about 6 months to finally decide to purchase a kit ;-).
But when I finally got them in my hands…oh man…I fell in love with them.
And I’ve used the oils and the diffuser every day since then.
And if you might nog like them after all, which I doubt, then Young Living has a great return policy.
But until now I’ve never had anyone that returned the oils :-).

If you still have doubts or questions, just contact me or one of my team members. We’re happy to answer your questions.


Premium Starter Kit met Dewdrop diffuser

With this Premium Starter Kit with DewDrop diffuser you’re sure to make a good start if you want to integrate essential oils in your daily life.
This kit contains twelve of the most popular oils  (in the USA it’s 11 oils plus samples).

• Lavender • Peppermint • Lemon • Frankincense • Copaiba • Thieves • PanAway • Stress Away • Purification • R.C. • DiGize
(• extra Orange+, only for European kits).

You’ll also receive the lovely Dewdrop diffuser, two sachets of NingXia Red, a aroma glide fitment, 10 amber glass mini-bottles, and documentation ( USA customers will also receive sample packs of several oils to share with others).
This kit is priced € 171,52 incl. Dutch VAT.
( 0 for USA customers excl. VAT).
Which is a great deal! The total value of the content of this kit is about € 250/5 if ordered separately.

Make sure you keep the box next to “Wholesale member” checked and make sure my ID 3074032 shows as sponsor and enroller. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to sell anything. It just means you’ll get the 24% discount :-).
If you’ d like me to assist you with your order, don’t hesitate to call, mail or DM me.

Would your rather have the Aria Diffuser?

You can :-)! You’ll get the exact same oils in your kit, but with a different diffuser. This wonderful Aria Diffuser with wood and glass elements has several colors of light and the ability to play music. There’s some relaxing music that comes with the diffuser, but you can also attach your phone or iPod to play your own music.
This kit will cost € 278,60 incl. Dutch VAT
($ 260 excl. VAT in the USA)
Great value!
There’s for more than € 450,00 (about $ 500) value in this kit if ordered separately.

Make sure you keept the box “Wholesale member” checked and make sure that my ID 3074032 shows as sponsor and enroller.
Or contact me if you’d like me to assist you with your order.

Or would you rather buy something else?

You totally can! Eventhough a Premium Starter Kit is a great idea, it’s also possible to order other stuff. In Europe you can become a member without buying a kit. You can buy whatever you choose. For USA customers to become a member it is necessary to order a kit. But you could also go for a basic kit, a Savvy Minerals kit, a NingXia Red kit or a Thieves kit.
Young Living is not only an essential oil company. They offer a whole range of other products that are great to start changing your lifestyle and eliminate toxins from your home. Products like laundry detergent, shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste, supplements, babyproducts, mineral makeup etc.
All Young Living products are separately available so you can switch to healthier products step by step.

Contact me so I can assist you with your order and help you pick the right products for you and your family.

And life is getting better with every drop

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