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I’m so happy that you decided to join me for this e-course that will guide you on the way to a  healthier home for you and your family. Awesome!
During this e-cours I will show you how you can  ditch the toxins in your house so you’re house will be much safer for you and your family.
I’ll show you what ingredients you’ll want to skip and which ones you can replace them with. I’ll show you some great ready to use products by Young Living and I’ll give you recipes for you to make your own healthy stuff. The choice is yours on what you’re going to incorporate into your home.

I’m so glad you decided to step up and make a change for a healthy home. I thank you on behalf of your kids ;-)! And their kids…and so on. Every healthy choice you make will also make a difference for the next generations.
This e-course is not just for moms though. Also daddy’s and people that don’t have kids can join and learn how to get rid of toxins by joining this online class.

To join, you can just fill out your name and e-mail address. You can do the lessons of the class at your own pace. It’s up to you how when and where to do the class.

I’ll give you:

  • A free workbook to download
  • 10 Lessons with assignments, a tip, a video and/or a recipe.
  • A free copy of Oil up Magazine which is full of great info, tips and recipes.

This e-course starts on November 1st 2018. The lessons will be available after the cours ends, so you can do the lessons whenever you like.



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