Two powerful exercises when you experience strong emotions

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“You have to let go”… It’s a fraze that’s used quite often these days. It’s used so much that for some it may even become meaningless.
And that is a pity, because it is actually very valuable.
Releasing or saying goodbye to the old does not mean that you suppress or deny your emotions.
It means that you choose to let go of your opinion, your judgment, your translation of what happened.

Letting go also means being open to another way of perceiving.

Instead of the words LETTING GO, you could also say “say goodbye to” or “free yourself from”.
By doing this, you bring yourself to a higher vibrational level. Are your familiar with vibrations/frequency? My dear teacher Wilma could explain it very easily.

She said: “First you were a 50 watt lightbulb and now you’re a 100 watt bulb, so you will experience much more brightness! And that’s what it is.

And the beauty is again…YOU CHOOSE! Simple as that!

Now I will not say that it will be easy to think differently, but by practicing will help you get there!
And sometimes you might just have a bad day drowning in self-pity, because with you’ve got the flu. So what?! Sometimes that’s okay too. But the difference is that you now choose to feel sad for a bit, and the next day you can choose to look at it differently. It’s not a bad thing to lay on the couch for a day. Doing nothing. Getting new insights maybe… Everything is an experience.

Below are two exercises I learned during my training to become an N.E.T.-therapist:


1. The Circle of Emotion

If today or one of these days a limiting thought, fear or an annoying emotion comes up, acknowledge that it’s energy in motion. Then you draw an imaginary circle on the ground. This is the circle of your emotion.
In this circle you may express your emotion in all its intensity. Be angry, be sad, be insecure.
And when you are ready, take a big step OUT of the circle of that emotion. Really take a physical step. Step out of the emotion and see what that does to you.
This way you don’t deny your emotion. It’s okay to have that emotion and it’s there for a reason. But you consciously choose not to get stuck in this feeling.
If you this circle exercise is a challenge, then you could also try this exercise with a cloud or a color where you step out of. For example, you step from the red into the light blue. Or whichever color you choose.

2. The colored capsule of emotion

If you have an unpleasant emotion, try to locate that feeling within yourself. Where’s that feeling located in your body? Maybe in your stomach or throat. Then think about what colour that feeling is. What colour do you matches that emotion for you?
Imagine this emotion is a colored sphere of light floating somewhere in your body. Imagine that the sphere flows out of your body, so that it is no longer part of you. Instead it floats next to you. And then see if you can let that sphere/emotion float a bit further away from you, until you can’t see it anymore. Bye bye!

Young Living has a beautiful oil blend that can help you to let go. This blend is called Release and that is exactly what it’s for. You can use it in your diffuser, but you could also inhale the aroma directly from the bottle or apply it on your skin. It smells delicious!
Besides Release there are many other oils that can help you release negative memories, limiting beliefs, unpleasant feelings etc. Would you like a tailor-made advice? Please contact us for free advice.

Love, Marcia

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