Why Young Living?

Why did I specifically choose Young Living and not another brand? There are so many other brands out there.
The answer is quite simple.
Young Living offers something no other company does. I’ll explain what the ‘something’ is.


Seed to Seal

Young Living embraces a rigorous quality control standard to help ensure our products meet strict specifications. Seed to Seal is our set of standards that helps ensure that with every pure essential oil and Young Living product your family uses, you’re enjoying the benefits of our global resources, industry leadership, and over two decades of innovation. The result? A pristine final product that you know has been created with conscientious Sourcing, Science, and Standards—the three pillars of Seed to Seal.

As the leader of the essential oils movement, Young Living is paving the way for every other essential oil company to improve processes that protect our planet and ensure the highest quality standards.


Therapeutic grade or A-grade

The best of the best. Young Living does not compromise when it comes to their quality standards.

Large assortment

Not just single esssential oils and essential oil blends, but also an extensive product line that fits a healthy and natural lifestyle.

Almost 25 years of experience in essential oils

Gary Young (who unfortunately past away on 12 May 2018) started out with a hobby. One lavender field and two pressure cookers that he himself had welded together to distil the oil. His hobby and love for aromatic plants grew into a billion dollar company and after all those years Young Living still is growing explosively. This can only be done with top-of-the-range products that work and are loved by many people.

Young Living Foundation

Young Living cares a lot for the less fortunate, especially children, all over the world. With the Young Living Foundation they support a large amount of charities that make a huge difference in the lives of these children. They even set up their own school in Ecuador.

It feels good

I rely on my gut feeling for almost everything. I feel whether something is a yes or a no to me. And Young Living feels like a huge YES.

The good stuff

Quality is really very important to me when it comes to using essential oils. This is one of the main reasons I chose Young Living. Young Living has been around for almost 25 years and is the only essential oil supplier to have its own farms and partner farms. These are spread all over the world.

Young Living has a very high standard when it comes to maintaining the qualitity of their product. They work with a rigorous audit, so that they can guarantee the purity and authenticity of their essential oils. They check everything from start to finish, through their own unique ‘Seed to Seal’ process. In short, they monitor the quality from seed to sealing the bottle and all the steps in between. If an oil does not meet their high standard, it will never make the shelves off their warehouse and your home.
Quality & purity is what Young Living puts at the top of the list. Without compromise. No harmful chemicals are used in the cultivation of the plants and the crops have not been genetically modified. They don’t every use inferior crop to just be able to deliver oils. They’d rather let an oil go out of stock then use plants of less quality. I have visited several Young Living farms and distilleries myself. It’s amazing to see how they work. In these videos you can also get a glimpse into the process from seed to bottle.

Service, guidance and coaching

Young Living considers advice and service very important and therefore works with independent distributors. The distributor that helped you buy your kit or other products will also remain your sponsor. So after your purchase you will not be left hanging to figure everything out for yourself. Your sponsor can help you with that if you want to.
You can also contact your sponsor with any questions you may have.

When purchase from Young Living with me, I am your sponsor or contact person. I’ll give you a welcome pack with information and useful bottles to get you started right away and you’ll also have the opportunity to access a lot of extra information. If you purchase with the help of one of my team members, you’ll also get those same benefits.
So make a conscious choice when you make your first purchase. Go to someone you feel comfortable with, who can provide you with the right information and can guide you well.

The picture shows an iTovi scanner. This is a device that can measure what you need most to re-create balance at the time of scanning. Besides my knowledge of N.E.T.-therapy, the iTovi is a tool I can use to help you choose the right oils and other products.

Wide range of products

Young Living heeft op het gebied van essentiële oliën het grootste assortiment. Dus lekker veel keus! Naast oliën bieden zij nog tal van andere producten waarin de essentiële oliën verwerkt zijn, zoals natuurlijke alternatieven voor persoonlijke verzorging, maar ook schoonmaakmiddelen, suplementen en minerale make up. Onder de knop vind je de volledige digitale catalogus voor Young Living Europa.

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